Saturday, 5 November 2011

Simmeh Spammage

Random spammage of Sims i made after re installing my game. . . .
(the names are odd i know. . .. . )
Zena Kellar (Dont Ask lol)

Lola Punk (Once again dont ask lol)

Kriss Stone

Benny Fromage. . . O.o

Ginge Scar. . .. 

Friday, 4 November 2011

Something witty here.

So yeah i started stretching my ear the other day and i was wondering if anybody knew how long I'd have to wait till i can move onto the next size?
OH and also anyone see Paranormal Activity 3? I just saw it today :L
It was good,ya know a good few jumps nothing overly scary but the ending was disappointing in my opinion :S
Anyway Byeee <3

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Belated Halloween!

Hey sorry I didn't do a Halloween post, I've been taking a break from the internet lol.
So thought i do a post about my Halloween break so far and what I've been up too :).
So yeah its been good so far, been pretty busy XD
On Friday my band had our first gig (we have a name now its:  Asterix) and what made the gig even better was the fact it was a fancy dress gig, i'm a big kid when it comes to this sort of stuff :D  so yeah i dressed up as a zombie but sadly i have no pictures of the gig yet :(

(Random picture spam of my guitar)

Then the next day (Saturday) me and a bunch of friends (about 12 of us) went up to another friends house and had a movie night and it was awesome! We only really watched three movies: Spliced, Sweeney Todd and Halloween. I'm gonna take this moment to say that Halloween disappointed me,  to me it wasn't one bit scary.
(More random picture spam of all the crap we had that night)

 Sunday was pretty boring but Halloween was awesome! Though i didn't dress up i did paint my face like a skeleton for the fun of it:
Basically just hung round with my friends messing about scaring small kids :P
May have egged a house but i'm not saying whose in case they come across my blog XD

So yeah in general its been awesome and i hope it stays awesome :D soo goodnight have to go get some sleep, starting my new job tomorrow ^-^