Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Random Stuff. . .

So lets talk about life XD So today I shall be acting in a play where I live, tis called to kill a mocking bird and we're doing a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself :L

And on to more grim news (well to me it is anyway) I have my registration day for school on Wednesday 

-_- I'm going into 5th year and I'm not looking forward to it at all, not one bit. I barely passed 4th year and I failed  maths again. . .I got a worse mark this time round than the last O.o. Its not that I'm dumb (not saying I'm overly smart either) I just don't do well in tests XD oh well here to the hope I do better this year :)

Well enough with my rambling :L

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Im Baaaack

Well the title says all doesn't it?
Hope no one missed me to much? I doubt anyone did. . . . .
But yeah all is sorted. . and im back living with my mother so YAY internet connection :3
So shall i spam you with some pictures of a new family im playing? oh yes i think i will.
So this family are called the Zadars (Random i know. . .)
 Now this is Quianna learning how to walk (shes now a young adult and has turned into such a slut lol)
This is Quianna as a child. ..when she was still innocent -_-

Okay this is Quiannas mum (cant remember her name) and sister Aries arnt they just adorable?

 N'awwww :3

 Okay this is Quianna and Aries brother Severus (i was after seeing the new Harry Potter when i named him)
I don't have one of his face sadly he seems to be shy of the camera. . .but lets just says hes
turned into a pretty hot sim :P
Nom nom nom face plant. . .  (this is Severus btw)

 Angryness is angry.
And that is all . . ..for now lol. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


So i thought id tell you's guys i wont be posting much maybe not even at  all as im moving in with my father because of family problems. and as he doesn't have internet (because the reception  where he lives is crap) so i will be unable to post. . .
so this could be a goodbye for now or forever i don't know.
bye xx

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


For any of you's wondering. . . .
Nom-Con is one of the biggest anime/manga conventions held in Ireland :D
And im going. . .this friday :D WHOOP!!!
So Excited if ya cant  tell :P
Though im not cosplaying  this year sadly as i wasn't expecting to go again D:
I may blog pictures. . . :D
Oh and guess what. . .the voices from pokemon are speaking at it this year!!!
My life will be complete XDXD