Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bullies and "Real Friends"

So yeah thought i'd just write a little journal entry on whats going on atm in my head. . . .

So  today after me and my friends had lunch we tried to go to the library but we were stopped by the hall supervisor and made to go out (in the freezing cold) this is when three of my friends who are in 6th year(classified as seniors in my school) turn round to me and two other friends who are in 5th year (juniors) and say it was "our fault 'cause we're juniors and juniors are not allowed at the library at lunch blah blah" general shit like that.
 This may or may not be true but what they have to realize is that the teacher would have seen they were seniors  (by the difference in uniform) and let them through if they had been  allowed so its no need for them to blame  us! It also doesn't help that they've been slagging us for being juniors from the start of the school year! -_-

The day got blatantly worse (for me anyway) since the people who bullied me last year are back to their old tricks. Today they resorted to the usual go cut yourself emo taunting but they went a step further as to make fun of the way i look and call me a "man" and "a beast" i know for a fact that im quite boyish looking but i wouldn't go as far as calling myself that,  none the less i've taken a hit to my self esteem(again).

I don't know i guess i'm just sick of taking this shit from people in school, outside of school even my members of my  family. . .
Its even brought me to thinking about moving schools and deleting my Facebook account and every other account i have just to get away from the bullies  :/
well i don't know guess i just wanted to  write my feelings down . . . . .
Blog all i use the blog for is depressing posts now lol, i'll need to start posting cheerier stuff :L
Sorry if i wasted anyone's time.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

RANT! You've been warned.

Okay so I've just been told by my school that i'm not allowed on school premises till I dye the pink out of my hair. . . . . like WTF???
I've basically been banned from learning for having  dye in my hair? For showing a  bit of personality,a bit of creativity through my hair! Its the most ridiculous suspension I've ever heard of!!!
This just shows how much catholic schools really care about their students educations -_-
All schools in my area are like this, though some are more lenient than others but they're not in walking distance of where i live.
To hell with this crap! I'm just gonna walk in there with my hair the way it is, I dont care if I get told off or put into detention i'm not changing my hair for nobody.
Even my mum thinks this is going to far and that's saying something 'cause she usually  always sides with the school.
I'm even thinking about starting a petition in school so people are allowed to  have dye in their hair and wear any piercings they want.
Rant  over. . .