Saturday, 27 August 2011

Im Baaaack

Well the title says all doesn't it?
Hope no one missed me to much? I doubt anyone did. . . . .
But yeah all is sorted. . and im back living with my mother so YAY internet connection :3
So shall i spam you with some pictures of a new family im playing? oh yes i think i will.
So this family are called the Zadars (Random i know. . .)
 Now this is Quianna learning how to walk (shes now a young adult and has turned into such a slut lol)
This is Quianna as a child. ..when she was still innocent -_-

Okay this is Quiannas mum (cant remember her name) and sister Aries arnt they just adorable?

 N'awwww :3

 Okay this is Quianna and Aries brother Severus (i was after seeing the new Harry Potter when i named him)
I don't have one of his face sadly he seems to be shy of the camera. . .but lets just says hes
turned into a pretty hot sim :P
Nom nom nom face plant. . .  (this is Severus btw)

 Angryness is angry.
And that is all . . ..for now lol. 

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