Sunday, 2 October 2011

RANT! You've been warned.

Okay so I've just been told by my school that i'm not allowed on school premises till I dye the pink out of my hair. . . . . like WTF???
I've basically been banned from learning for having  dye in my hair? For showing a  bit of personality,a bit of creativity through my hair! Its the most ridiculous suspension I've ever heard of!!!
This just shows how much catholic schools really care about their students educations -_-
All schools in my area are like this, though some are more lenient than others but they're not in walking distance of where i live.
To hell with this crap! I'm just gonna walk in there with my hair the way it is, I dont care if I get told off or put into detention i'm not changing my hair for nobody.
Even my mum thinks this is going to far and that's saying something 'cause she usually  always sides with the school.
I'm even thinking about starting a petition in school so people are allowed to  have dye in their hair and wear any piercings they want.
Rant  over. . . 

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