Friday, 29 July 2011

local Irish bands

Sooo i thought i might do a bit of advertisements for bands from my local area and post their music for you to check out :P they're from gigs at a place i hang out at(and help out at) so the acoustics arnt that good or the videos  but bare with me XD (btw excuse some  of the really Irish accents :L)

This band is called testify this doing a cover of bleed it out( im mates with these ones :P)

Testify this

These guys are called the lizard queens, they're actually pretty good but as ive said before bad acoustics and such :L

The Lizard Queens

Okay this next band is kill the idol, if you like screamo you'll like these guys

Kill the idol

These guys are called dunwich horror i wasn't at this gig sadly so no comment :L

The Dunwich Horror

Okay there are other videos but they haven't been posted yet but when thay are i shall blog them here :P