Friday, 15 July 2011

Simmie houses

So i thought i would share some of my simmies houses with you ^^ the second one isn't that good but hey practice makes perfect :L

So yeah blogger decided to upload the back first. . .-.-

The front of the house (not so good when it comes to landscaping)

Dramatic angle shot XD

Fail attempt at an old farmy kind of house :L

the front of the fail house

that's all i managed to get before my laptop over heated and crashed lol :L
EDIT: I went back on to my game and the file these house were in is now corrupted, FML -.-


  1. Ugh - I'm sure if you're aware of me, you saw me moaning about my laptop blowing up on my birthday. If you don't have a cooling fan pad to sit your laptop on, you might want to get one. I won't play without one now.

  2. oh yeah i read about that it must of sucked :/
    yeah il need to invest in one when i have the money XD