Friday, 23 September 2011

Hello again

So I haven't posted in a while after the funeral but I thought id update this blog on whats happening in life.

  • So I've been busy in school,and I mean really busy like I've only been in school for three weeks and I already have History and English exams coming up O.o Thank blog its my last year of GCSE's.
  • I've given up on my art for the time being as I seem to be getting crappier at it rather than better plus I haven't been in the mood to draw at all.
  • I've decided to get snake bites done this summer (my school doesn't allow us to have piercings, yay for catholic schools -_-) and MAYBE a industrial too though i'm a bit put off by the sound of the pain after wards :L
  • Me and a few friend are starting a band (currently unnamed) we're just missing a drummer as there aren't many round were I live -_-all there is round where I live are chavs, Ravers and drug dealers. Im playing rhythm guitar and back up vocals.
  • I thought id treat myself this Christmas and get a new guitar (I've already made a deposit), one that I've been looking to get from my local music shop for months now. Here's a picture of it:
Its a Westfield E4500 Les Paul custom
Isn't it pretty? I think I've fallen in love with a guitar XD oj don't think my boyfriend would appreciate that :P
So that's all that been happening in my month so far, what about you's?

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